Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Sweetness

I'm not sure where the month of August went. I haven't posted since the beginning of the month and a few people have commented to me on it. Time to get back on the blog highway...

As all of you do, I come into contact and discussion with many people on many different levels. Several people I know at the moment are struggling with serious, life threatening illnesses of friends and family. I had one of those days recently where are the end of the day I was just blown away and emptied by the amount of grief I had come into contact with during the day. I am thankful that all the people who took time to share with me know the Lord. I don't know how those who have not received him do it. I will continue to pray to that end.

All the thoughts and feelings of friends dealing with grief were still circling my head as I was driving my children home from the water slides. I realized I had tuned them out until I heard my 4 year olds sweet voice singing many verses to Jesus Loves the Little Children....Every verse she put in a different group of people. Jesus loves the mommies, Jesus Loves the Daddy's, Jesus loves the sisters.... I realized God was using her to answer all the petitions I had put forth the night before.

I love it when he answers in such a sweet way!

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