Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sea Otters, Sunrises and Soccer

Spent the weekend in Los Angeles. Left in the wee hours of the morning Saturday which blessed us with an amazing sunrise, saw several otters frolicking in the surf, and watched a lot of soccer. Three losses for the girls....not bad, though. These teams are the elite in the nation. We played the nation's number 1 team to a 1-0 loss, played the number one team in Southern Cal to a 1-0 loss as well. All in prep for State Cup which starts in two weeks...I'm about soccered out! I'm wanting more time by the ocean (I was envious of the otters - well, not totally considering where they are on the food chain and what eats them!), I'm wanting some more sunrises (but I see those most days). Trying to stay in soccer viewing shape (you would be amazed at how fatiguing it is.)

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