Thursday, December 04, 2008

It is Thursday already? Where did Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday go...? Oh yeah....

Monday - late start....i do not like late start mondays. as a matter of knowledge, i REALLY don't like them. If any of you readers are employed by the SLOCUSD, then on behalf of your friendship with me...just say NO!!! It is like having two mondays in one week....ugghhh. anyway, back to off to school, mama off to work.

Tuesday - no late start (praise the Lord!), now time to meet with a good friend and off to work for the afternoon. I love my job, but I would have loved a nap more...

Wednesday - more work this morning, but had a nice lunch with friends, haircut for the littlest grant, homework, dinner, youthgroup and a tired mama.

See....I did make it to Thursday - don't tell anyone, but I took a vacation day. Much needed errands to run, meals to prepare, phone calls to make, and I still didn't get it all done.

Friday - what is up for you this weekend? Ours looks like this....Christmas Parade tonight, a promised breakfast in Cayucos on Saturday morning followed by selecting and chopping down the Christmas tree....decorating the house....hopefully a solitary walk on the beach for the mama..

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