Thursday, February 26, 2009

They Do Make Me Smile has been six years since we all have been together. Most were there at the beginning, but almost 20 years later....we are still connected...talked as if we had just spoken yesterday.....laughed until our sides hurt....praised the Lord for husbands and the 18 children...did you catch that? EIGHTEEN children between us...
three hours of catch up was too short...plans in place
to see each other soon....Chris has offered one of their famous "Thanksgiving in July"....why you ask? Because she will be eight years cancer free this summer! We have walked through a lot in 20 years....hoping the Lord comes soon, but praising Him for the friends who walk this journey together.


Mary said...

Thanks Missy for a wonderful evening! I enjoyed every moment, except maybe that it had to end. Great picture, but I sure would like to see the one with you in it too. You are a part of us! It's not the same without you! I love you, my sister.

Kayleen said...

I have never visited your Blog, but thought I would after having such a great evening seeing you and my long-lost friends. Little did I know that upon opening the blog, I would see myself in the picture! Yikes! It was such a wonderful time-- we really need to do it more often than once every six years!