Thursday, June 04, 2009

a note to the puppy...

  • my ipod power cord was not yours to chew on
  • whining for an hour from 11:30pm-12:30am did not make any one happy
  • the kitchen blinds (although old and desperately need replacing), were not supposed to provide entertainment for you while i was at work
  • immersing your head in your water dish and swishing it all around, while fun...makes quite the mess!

but, walking with me in the dark - early morning was a blessing.

you patiently laying at my feet while i spend time with our creator is even more of a blessing.

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Mama Mote said...

NOW I know why I don't have a pet! Actually, I would love a pet. I'm a dog person, but I do remember how much work they could be. A cat might be a little easier, but I'm allergic (most of the time). Well, that's for down the road. No room here. Have fun with the pup.