Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Mystery of Blogging

I'm jumping on board the Blog highway. It is time for this 40 something mom of 4 and wife of 1 to create a space of 'Mom Musings and Mysterys.' I've been contemplating this for some time and the summer seems like the perfect time to publish some musings. Come join me for the ride! I look forward to your thoughts as well.

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Lisa Lewis said...

I am wondering if your title is actually a double entendre (French for double meaning)? Years ago when I found out Paul Stookey of Peter Paul and Mary fame was a Believer, I emailed him a fan letter. He wrote me back and signed it "Yours in the Mystery". I really liked that; pondering the mystery of God, His grace/justice, His dying to give life, you know all of who He is is really a mystery. So I am wondering if you really are meaning the Big Mystery as well as cyberspace?
I will be checking up on you periodically;I too have been contemplating doing this for our family. Have fun!