Monday, April 23, 2007

What is Worship

OK, so it has been awhile since I posted. Well, actually it has been months since I posted. I've had a busy school year and decided to hold off on the blog, but have been encouraged recently to start it up again.

I heard a great message on Worship this past Saturday Night by a local pastor. He was teaching on Revelation 4. I've thankfully heard many good teachings on worship and this was another perspective. I am going to throw out a few quotes for you to chew on:

"Worship=Faithful response to the grace filled revelation of God." "Don't miss who is on the throne!" "The seeker we serve is God." He used a quote from John MacQuarrie which said, "The act of worship rehearses in the present the end that lies ahead." He then asked the question if that last line motivated or discouraged you?

As with many churches this particular church is also grappling with corporate worship. I think our worship hits the target when we remember who we are worshipping (or who is on the throne) and the importance of the Lord's word. AW Tozer says it this way:

"He expects His believing children to measure the church against the standards and the blessings promised in the Word of God. The, with love and reverence and prayer and in the leading of the Spirit of God we will quietly and patiently endeavor to align the church with the Word of God. When this begins to happen and the Word of God is given its place of priority, the presence of the Holy Spirit will again begin to glow in the church."


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