Monday, April 30, 2007

How Sad

Did you see the front page of the Tribune this morning? The lead article is about a guy who survived a fall in a remote part of the Sequoia National Forest. Here is the opening paragraph, "I'm not religious whatsover," said Rose, whose wife of nearly seven years is expecting their first child. "But that night I prayed to every God I could think of."

Wow. Lord have mercy! It is very sad to me that when faced with death he called out to any and "all" gods on his behalf. It is also interesting to me that he claims not to be religious yet his first instinct was to pray. I wonder who this guys neighbors are and if any of them know the Lord and have invited him to church. I also wonder particularly for those who attend Grace Church in SLO, if he had been in attendance with us last night at the Building on the Legacy Celebration what his reaction would have been. What was yours?

Beth Moore is right in her teaching on the book of Daniel. We are living in a modern day Babylon. How many people will read that article this morning and think nothing of the fact that this guy was praying to many gods. We need to wake up, Christian. There is only one God - have you proclaimed your Lord and Saviour to anyone today?

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Anonymous said...

I didn't read that article, but the sentiment unfortunately sounds familiar these days. A new evangelism class started just last Sunday and promises to be an incredible time of learning, sharing, and ultimately flexing our evangelism muscles! I'm nervous at the thought of talking to others about the Lord (will I offend/ alienate, etc.) but we can't just sit by and watch our friends and family, ANYONE, die without Jesus. I have to admit, I was rather disappointed to see such a small turnout for this class. Isn't this our calling from the Lord? We want to build on the legacy, but let's leave a legacy of believers as well!