Saturday, September 15, 2007

AYSO (All Your Saturday's Occupied)

Up at 5am, lining and marking fields early, getting the family together....three soccer games (coached 2 of them), hustled to my daughters club game in Atascadero.... Look below.....this is why all the effort....smiles a mile wide...

Elena's first Soccer Game

Are they not the cutest team around?!!!
'The yellow hornets'
Got a lot of laughs when I stopped warm-ups to take pictures. Oh come would have done it too.

No pics of his team (they wouldn't stand still long enough!)

Yes, Elena fell asleep on Jacob at their sister's game in Atascadero!

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Jenna Busby said...

They look so cute! Elena looks so little next to the other girls... but she's definitely the cutest one. I guess I'm a little bias though :)