Monday, September 03, 2007

The name of the Lord...

I was given a book a few years ago entitled The Peace and Power of knowing God's Name, by Kay Arthur. It is a beautiful book full of wonderful stories in scripture of God acting out His name. I was taken by the title where she says, "...Knowing God's name." I am memorizing the list she uses in the book. Here is an excerpt from the beginning of the book (looking for a wonderful gift for someone or yourself.....go see the good folks at the parable):

"My friend tells the story of something that happened while his dad was deer hunting in the wilds of Oregon. Cradling his rifle in the crook of his arm, his dad was following an old logging road nearly overgrown by the encroaching forest. It was early evening, and he was just thinking about returning to camp when a noise exploded in the brush nearby. Before he even had a chance to lift his rifle, a small blur of brown and white came shooting up the road straight for him.

My friend laughs as he tells the story. It all happened so fast, Dad hardly had time to think. He looked down and there was a little brown cottontail - utterly spent - crowded up against his legs between his boots. The little thing was trembling all over, but it just sat there and didn't budge.
Now this was really strange. Wild rabbits are frightened of people, and it's not often that you'd ever actually see one - let alone have one come and sit at your feet. While dad was puzzling over this, another player entered the scene. Down the road - maybe 20 yards away - a weasel burst out of the brush. When it saw my dad - and its intended prey sitting at his feet - the predator froze in its tracks, its mouth panting, its eyes glowing red.

It was then Dad understood he had stepped into a little life and death drama of the forest. The cottontail, exhausted by the chase, was only moments from death. Dad was its last hope of refuge. Forgetting its natural fear and caution, the little animal instinctively crowded up against him for protection from the sharp teeth of its relentless enemy.
My friend's father did not disappoint. He raised his powerful rifle and deliberately shot into the ground just underneath the weasel. The animal seemed to leap almost straight into the air a couple of feet and then rocketed back into the forest just as fast as its legs could move.

For awhile, the rabbit didn't stir. It just sat there, huddled at the man's feet in the gathering twilight while he spoke gently to it. 'Where did he go, little one? I don't think he'll be bothering you for a while. Looks like you're off the hook tonight.' Soon the rabbit hopped away from its protector into the forest. Where, beloved, do you run in time of need? Where do you run when the predators of trouble, worry and fear pursue you? Where do you hide when your past pursues you like a relentless wolf, seeking your destruction? Where do you seek protection when the weasels of temptation, corruption, and evil threatens to overtake you? Where do you turn when your energy is spent...when weakness saps you, and you feel you cannot run away any longer? The name of the Lord is a strong tower; The righteous runs into it and is safe. Prov 18:10"

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erika said...

What can you say to that but "Amen." Thanks for your always encouraging insights that point us to our refuge. -E