Wednesday, March 19, 2008

View Through the Fog

It is a foggy, foggy morning here today. I like the fog. It quiets and soothes the world around me. It sweeps in and envelopes our little town and then quietly pulls back out towards the ocean. As I was thinking about the fog this early morning I was reminded of a story Ruth Bell Graham tells of a friend who was a sheriff officer. He was an excellent marksman and was looking forward to some range testing. Unfortunately, the day prior to his testing he received new trifocal glasses. As he took aim on the target he became very nervous due to using the new glasses. He started to perspire. When he perspired it fogged up his glasses. He then remembered a tip that had been passed onto him in the military. When you can't see your target - remember your position. He took a deep breath, thought about his position in front of the target and hit all five shots dead on. Sometimes when we are in the fog (by our choice or the Lord's) it is impossible to see the target and forget the position we have in Christ.

Sometimes the Lord allows fog in our lives because we took our eyes off the target of Christ and are prone to wander. Are you in the fog this morning? Try during this passion week to remember your position - in Christ. You will hit the target every time.

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