Friday, May 16, 2008

Sights and Sounds

Here are some sights and sounds of the past few days...

beautiful 'thank you' tulips from my ladies...

Words heard this week..."I'm 98% meat and 2% bar-b-que sauce." directly quoted from a 7th grade boy whom I was taking with other 7th grade boys to youth group. They were discussing food - very differently from the way us gals discuss food....those who use the most catsup seem to be the winners.

Oh, it was hot...evening run through the sprinklers for the kiddos..

Story of the week...our worship leader at bible study sharing this...."My preschool daughter asked me if we would be home when Jesus came. Why do you ask that, I said to her. Well, she replied, you know....because of the song. Which song would that be I asked? She said, "Be home, Be home, I stand at the door and knock, knock, knock. She was a little confused. It isn't Be home, I explained to her. It was "Behold, behold..." She then looked puzzled and asked how old you had to be to go to heaven. She had thought I said, "Be old..."

Are you beholding Him today?

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Karen M said...

That comment by the seventh grader sounded awefully familiar. Hehehe!