Tuesday, July 04, 2006

July 4th and Eagle Scouts

This July 4th seems a little different for me. The long weekend started with a garage sale in which much of our 'baby' items were sold or given away. Our family has entered the phase when the youngest is moving up the ladder a little. It actually made me think of our oldest (who will be 11 this week). The youngest might be moving out of 'baby and toddlerhood', but the oldest is moving closer to entering 'young manhood'. One of his pursuits is scouting. The emblem in this post is a life goal for him. Not only for him to earn it but then to live it.

His troop and many friends had the heartwarming opportunity to witness two family friends receive their Eagle Scout Medals at an Eagle Scout Court of Honor on Sunday. Words really don't describe what an accomplishment this is. It isn't really an accomplishment of tasks as the world would define it. It is an accomplishment of the heart, mind and soul. It is looking beyond yourself to others. It is about learning life skills of truth, integrity, and honor. It is about leading with eyes forward yet reaching backwards with your hand. It is about taking steps large enough to lead those around you onward but not so big that the smallest can't find the steps.

Congratulations to Matt Gould and Seth Weeks! As the Scoutmaster said, "we always look to encourage the next generation to be a little better than our own. In these two young men, that was accomplished."

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