Thursday, November 06, 2008

What Goes Around Comes Around

Ok....when i was little (or younger!), my mom made cold potato soup one day for dinner. Cold potato soup's real name is Vichyssoise (phonetically said....vichee swah). I am not a fan of the cold potato soup - actually not a fan of the hot potato soup either. Cold potato soup while i'm sure may taste good, can look a bit grey and sad. Being that i felt the need to express my thoughts on the subject I made the proclamation that not only was I not going to eat it, but its newly christened name was fishy slop.......yeah, that didn't go over so well.

Spring forward many years to my dinner table the other evening for the following conversation, but first let me set the stage. Mama was a bit exhausted, mama had just come in from a long day of homeschool, work, coaching soccer, etc....mama had dinner plans with a friend, but mama made sure to have a hot meal on the table for her brood. Chicken, mashed potatoes, apples, corn....yum! I had baked the chicken with fresh herbs (which I do all the time). For some reason my youngest felt the need to express herself and exclaimed as the food was brought before her, "Ewww, the chicken has bugs on it." Thinking the herbs looked like bugs. Three of the four did not touch their meals after that!

What goes around comes around.

ps be careful commenting mom, i'll post on pnut butter spaghetti. 'nuff said.

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Anonymous said...

Hey....I thought "fishy slop" was my story! "Youngest daughter to youngest daughter" certainly all does come around! You can tell the "spaghetti" story but I get to clear it for accuracy.