Monday, January 26, 2009

i don't always know what people are thinking...actually, i'm not God so I never know what people are thinking, but here are four very random thoughts in regards to my drive (twice) to Kettleman City in 30 hours- also known as the most beautiful city on earth. NOT!

-saw a bumper sticker that said, "I heart Spinach". OK....what makes a person share that thought? I like spinach as well, but the need for the bumper sticker....yes, we live in america.

-A huge billboard showed a picture of a smile with a gap in between the front teeth and said, "This space available". was an add for rental space. I obviously saw the sign, but still think it lacked taste ( pun intended).

-On a large semi truck, "Expand your vocabulary - Send flowers," What....? I still don't get that.

Picture this.....standing in the middle of absolutely no where in a starbucks. You are the only one in the starbucks. Read that again....YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE IN THE STARBUCKS. You are a little hungry and thirsty-----ahhhh, order some tea and a little food that must be warmed up. No problem - you would think. Sorry, ma'm I say. I can't see the types of tea from 30 feet away (does it frustrate anyone else that starbucks does not list their tea varieties?) Do you have something with lemon and ginger, I say. A shrug from the employee. about chamomille? Another shrug...we have something called 'calm', she says. That will do says I. I could sense a need for calm. I am handed my tea, pay for my nutrition and stare into the eyes of the employee who is NOT moving to warm up my food. She looks expectantly behind me....(let me remind you....there is NO ONE else in the place. No need to ask "what drink may I start for you"). Will someone be getting my food, I inquire? Yes, she says...we will take care of it. Now think about this...WE....who is the we? She does not move from the cash register......I'm looking around....after a couple of minutes a customer comes in behind me with a mammoth drink order - (seriously people, just order coffee - how many pumps do you need?! ) Another drives up to the drive through where an employee mysteriously pops up - oh, that must be the now famous WE. The first employee is now deep in discussion and thought taking the mammoth drink order. The second employee is also taking a large food order. The first employee is now fulfilling the mammoth drink order....HELLO PEOPLE....IS ANYONE GOING TO WARM UP MY FOOD? Apparently the Lord feels I need some work on patience. The second employee warms up numerous food products -none of which are mine. The first employee keeps staring at me as I am moving closer and closer to the freezer and microwave - face it...I was hungry. Several minutes later employee number 2 looks at me and hands me my food - somewhat warm and sad looking (the food, not the employee). I may never be able to have a peppered bacon sandwich and tea again...the memories are too dramatic. made me sad.

it does remind of the time my husband and I were the only ones in a fastfood restaurant - we had a paper with the number 71 on it....the employee kept coming up to the mic and calling number 3.....number 3. other people in the restaurant ....ok, that is another it is also the story where i was sitting on my husband's knee and he tossed me to the ground (no joke) when they finally called number 71....

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Jenna said...

I'm very sorry for your lame Starbucks experience. That's why places like Kettleman only have people who are traveling through... no regulars :)