Saturday, January 31, 2009

Random randomness......things that made me smile today:

  • my kids showing their delight as we drove through a carwash - they commented on the pretty colors of the soap, the power of the spray and that it all felt like being in a pretty (I'm not sure if I should be happy or sad that a drive through carwash was the highlight of their day)
  • my daughter went to her first high school basketball game last night - the humor was her trying to explain the game to me - she knows nothing about basketball and kept talking about the last line of anyone. Made her night when she saw her mom's name on some of those banners and realized how much time I spent in that gym!
  • the enjoyment I had watching my children eat solo styx and cesear salad at Pizza Solo without complaint...although Jacob almost choked when a gal came in with a hair color that is not found in nature.
  • my husband and son eating food BEFORE they left to a men's event at church where food was being SERVED!
  • visiting two local bookstores and my children engrossed in reading as we drove home.

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MOM said...

I like knowing that your name is still up in the gym. I spent a lot of time in that gym too.....cheering you on!