Friday, August 24, 2007

Miraculous Healing?

The picture above explains in detail why I missed a very important meeting for our children's school on Tuesday evening. 30 minutes or so before I was to leave Elena fell and hurt her arm. I was convinced in my head that it was broken. I saw the angle of the arm, heard the scream and saw how she was carrying it.

Off to the hospital with me praying the entire way. My heart was breaking for purely selfish reasons. It is her left arm - she is supposed to start kindergarten tuesday - she is lefthanded. She has waited 5 years to play soccer with mama as her coach - that also starts next week. I so wanted to squeeze in one or two more days at the pool.... I was aching for lost opportunity.

They settled us into a room at the hospital. I laid my hand on her arm and prayed...I'm wondering if the Lord truly provided a miracle. After x-rays it was determined there was not a break. Which puzzled the dr. who initially examined her. We followed up with Dr. Bravo the next morning. He took the cast off - could feel a bump. He said, "are you sure there isn't a break?".

Except for a sore wrist and not wanting anyone to push on her arm she is good as new! Running, playing, writing as if nothing every happened.

I think the Lord provided a miracle...

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Nate Maas said...

Thank you Jesus.