Wednesday, August 01, 2007

To ipod or not to ipod

The day finally came. My oldest bought an ipod. Much debate has taken place over this purchase. He desired one for his birthday. There were a couple of issues with that desire. 1) way out of our price range 2) he is only 12 3) I have one, but am concerned with technology being used early in life. The long and the short of it is compromise took place. He had to save for half of the cost and there are a number of parental controls (ie all music choices must meet with parental approval, I have access to his itunes account, we also don't allow computers in bedrooms. The only one he has access to is in the kitchen, he has to earn time for any technology. I'll post on our tech time board soon). He and I also have had a series of conversations on people using technology to 'check out' from what is going on around them. People look like they are in society, but actually they are not participating and using technology as a screen. I already see this behavior with many of his friends. I don't want him checking out.

I looked outside before dinner last night and Joey and Jacob were sitting on the swing listening to music. I love the pic because they don't always share like this......

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