Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Haman, Hanon and Princesses

Actual words heard from my children's mouths...

Out of the mouth of my 8 year old comes the question, "Where is the Hamon Book? Do you like doing those Hamon exercises?" Ok....he is a little confused and his older brother had to put him back on the correct trail. "It is Hanon, not Hamon." For those with piano in their background you are cracking up at the moment - those who don't are asking, "what is she talking about?" There are a series of exercise books put out by Hanon. They are excellent, they are laborious, they strengthen those fingers and perplex young struggling pianists. Haman on the other hand was a bad guy in the bible. Spend some time in the book of Esther and you will get the full impact of who this man was. Easy confusion on the 8 year olds part, both are a bit tortuous.

"The Princess doesn't like waiting for her food." Said by my 5 year old daughter. You would think it should have been said by me, but no....only one princess in our house (emma and I are the suffering servants!!) At least she could have added a thank you somewhere in there!

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sue said...

I hated Hanon exercises!!!! And I also don't like waiting for my food.
Princess Sue