Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My emma and I went to San Diego to attend a Living Proof Ministries Live event led by Beth Moore. I have had the honor of hearing Beth Moore in person a couple of times and our women's bible study at church has utilized several of her studies. There most definitely was a special anointing this weekend. 10,000 women together worshiping our Lord and Saviour and hearing Psalm 139 taught like I've never heard taught. It was extraordinary. My emma loved it as well. The theme of the weekend could be said in two ways - "Known" and "The Divine God and the chosen you." I think Emma came away with recognizing at her 11 year old level her specialness to the Lord. Beth gave 8 points which were:
1. I am known
2. I need to be known
3. I'm scared to be known
4. I've always been known
5. I can know because I am known
6. My enemies are known
7. My anxieties are known
8. Search me and know me

All 8 points correspond to the different verses in the Psalm. She taught in depth on each point, but some of the take aways for me were: The Psalm speaks of all the Omni's of God (His omniscience, His Omnipresence, His omnipotence) - those are attributes of God, not attributes of us. We are not to be omni's, there is knowledge that is to be His and His alone (see Gen. 2), God's way of knowing us is to search us, we continually get God mixed up with people, self loathing and humility are not the same thing, "anxiety is always rooted in the need to control or a loss of control", "see if I have made an idol of my pain!"

It was a good time. It was a deep time. It was God's time...well worth the effort, fatigue, lines (don't get me started on exiting the parking structure). The Lord chooses different times and places to show himself BIG. He was HUGE this weekend!

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