Friday, July 06, 2007

Can You Name It?

Can you name the tree to the right? We have many of them in SLO and they are in full bloom at this time of the year. It is called a Jacaranda. They grow big and are messy, but they have one particular redeeming feature - they have beautiful lavender blooms. This tree and my son Joey are inextricably inner twined. His 12 year old birthday is tomorrow July 7.

When my sister came to visit after Joe had been born she commented on the trees. I said what trees? The beautiful lavender ones all over town she said. I had never really paid attention. They are everywhere and very noticeable at this time of year.

Us moms have a tendency to have our heads down a lot. Our little ones are rarely above our heads. What happens, though, is that we forget to raise our heads. There is an entire world that is above the 3' level! I know I need a break when I get the sense that I have been looking below the 3' level for too long. I was driving early this morning and guess what caught my attention? Yep, the trees that are in full bloom. I gave quick praise to the Lord for his gentle reminder of his faithfulness to David and I in this journey with Him. A journey of parenting that started 12 years ago.

Joe is having a few boys over for a sleep over tonight. Hamburgers, a little outside hide 'n seek, and a star wars movie. Oh, how different the birthday celebrations become as they grow older!

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