Monday, July 16, 2007

Cerro San Luis

Took a hike up Cerro San Luis yesterday afternoon with my son Joey. It was good to stretch my legs and lungs. It was very hot as well. It is very interesting to hike up this mountain starting on the East side. You get a lot of hot up draft thermals as you make your way around the mountain. As soon as you come to the Southwest side the ocean breeze kicks in and the air has a totally different feel to it. The views are incredible. We only saw one snake. I don't like snakes....

Joey and I had a good time talking. I think he is all talked out on his Hume Lake experience. They studied Daniel this past week. I am stoked about that because I am deep in the study for Daniel as I prepare for bible study this upcoming year. He put me to shame by rattling off several long passages of scripture he memorized. I am convinced the Lord is going to use this boy in ministry. He just seems to have a depth of understanding scripture as well as interpersonal relationships that make for a very good ministry combination. I am thankful for the leadership in our church youth. They are a bunch of Daniels themselves!

It is not often Joey and I get to spend large amounts of time together without other siblings. I am thankful for the afternoon. He needs more of this as we are heading into so many changes with him physically, emotionally and spiritually.

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Nate Maas said...

Funny. Yesterday I was up Bishop's Peak. I'll have to send you a photo I took of Cerro San Luis. Maybe you're in the picture.