Monday, May 07, 2007


Did you see the post on Pastor Tim's blog this morning? We are in the midst of a baby boom at Grace. We have had several babies born to our bible study ladies as well. It is a huge honor and blessing to pray over these little ones. To watch these mommies as they navigate pregnancy and then standing next to me holding those precious babies as we pray over them......It just doesn't get any better. The picture on the blog is absolutely brave women! Next time show some skin! Oops, better not say that. Those gals would do it! I want to see a picture in the Fall posted of the same group holding those children.

Lord, I ask your continued blessing on those women. Give them strength and endurance to endure their pregnancy. Life comes from you open the womb. Give each parent group an added measure of grace as they strive to raise those children in your name. Help us as a body of Christ to look for active ways we can support, love, and encourage them during this very special time. We Praise you Lord!

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