Friday, May 04, 2007

Happy Birthday, Sheri

I am probably the only one who calls my sister, Sheri. She is Sheryl to everyone else. Don't know exactly why that is. Probably the same reason I am Missy to most people but Melissa to a few. Today is a big day.....the 50 year old Big Day for my sister. She is the elder and I am the younger with two bros in between. She is more beautiful today than ever. She is as stylish as ever and is transitioning well into the phase of her life where her oldest will be married in the Fall and her youngest is in college as well. I'm going to ask her today......"If someone came to you today and you could describe your first 50 years in one word.....what would it be?" I think I know the answer, but am looking forward to hearing it! The party was last weekend. She is headed to a special weekend away with her hubby.

Happy Birthday, Sheri! Live every day for Him....

PS....yes, I am the one in the middle being held on to by my sister. Every picture of me with my siblings they have someone holding onto me! I didn't sit still very well....still don't!

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