Friday, May 11, 2007

Reflections of Living Beyond Yourself

On Thursday we finished up our year long study of the Fruits of the Spirit. We utilized the Beth Moore study Living Beyond Yourself. Can you recite the Galations reference from memory? Better yet for those who attended, can you say the verse and do the sign-language at the same time?!!

It was a very special year for our Thursday morning bible study. I think many had preconceived ideas of where this study would go. Were you surprised? You betcha.....I haven't spoken to one gal who attended reguarly that wasn't absolutely changed by the teaching of the Lord's word. Week after week the Lord showed up and showed us a different facet of Himself. He is worthy of our Praise!

I personally was blessed beyond belief this past Thursday morning. We asked each small group to in some creative way express an assigned fruit of the spirit. What a bunch of characters we have. I don't think I will ever get over Davia Rusco dressed as Vanna White and Donna Jeffery as the MC in their groups version of Wheel of Fortune! The word that was spelled out, by the way, was Makrothumia. I'll give you a has a lot to do with the fruit of patience. Hearing Terri Hanson and Rhonda Greenelsh, with their group as back up, sing It is Well with My Soul, was tremendously uplifting. I can't list it all here, but I'm glad there is a video of it. It filled my heart.

We also had a very challenging year with great loss experienced amongst our gals. I will never forget the blessing of sitting next to Leslie Cone the week after she buried her beloved Andy or the incredible prayer time and outpouring of love towards Julie Theule in the passing of her sister, or the giving of over $1500 plus hundreds of dollars in food gift cards to one of our members who was in need. All collected within one week. It was true Agape Love.

The Spirit of the Lord is strong in this group. They truly live beyond themselves.

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