Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Ruthless Trust Quote of the week...

I haven't quoted from the book, Ruthless Trust that I am reading with a friend for over a week! Here is another good thought....

"The towering importance of the above caveat-that transcendence must be conjoined with immanence, that divinity must be coupled with humanity, that heaven must be balanced with earth, and that God's distance must be complemented by his nearness--is essential if we are to grasp the true meaning of the glory of Jesus."

Do you ever give thought to Christ's divinity versus His humanity? (In truth, I did have to look up the definition of transcendence and immanence in this context.)

"Disregard of God's immanence deprives us of any sense of intimate belonging, while inattention to his transcendence robs God of his Godliness."

My friend gave me a great thought. "You know, Missy, God isn't 50-50. He is 100% divinity and 100% humanity."

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